Our polka dot flower inspired hairstyle

This hairstyle can last for a week with minimal care.

Products you will need

    1. Coconut oil
    2. Gel ( Asiam smoothing hair gel)
    3. water
    4. Spray water bottle
    5. Crocodile sectioning hair clips
    6. Mini thin elastic hair bobbles ( from 8 pieces ) and mini jersey elastic hair bands ( 2 )
    7. or mini elastic rubber bands 
    8. Mini jersey pink polka dot flower snag free elastic hair bands ( 2 pieces)
    9. Tangle teezer brush


We have done this hairstyle on freshly washed strands. I usually use only coconut oil in our hair when we run out of leave-in conditioner. Coconut oil has always been good for our hair.

In this case, It is best to apply the oil on damp /wet hair, this will help the oil seal moisture already in the hair from the wash and allow the hair to stay more or less hydrated through the week with no need to apply more products.

For a neat and slick look I've added gel, I've used the ASIAM smoothing gel for her hair and I have applied only a little bit, you don’t want the hair to get hard and dirty quickly.

This also helps in applying less pressure at the root of the hair while trying to achieve a neat look.

I’ve sectioned ( detailed below) the hair nicely, after applying the coconut oil,

cleared away any strands that might interfere in, for this you would need hair clips.

After applying a bit of gel, I have detangled each section gently with our tangle teezer brush ( spray water if you feel the hair is getting dry to help you detangle easily), 

Then I’ve used the mini thin bobble elastic band for the smaller sections at the front, making sure to keep it loose as much as possible. You don't want them to keep falling and make you repeat the process throughout the week, less manipulation is important, but you also don’t want to tie the elastic hair band too tight around your hair sections either.

I pay attention with these mini elastic bands and hair strands because they tend to cause breakages easily, but they are convenient for tying small sections, a good alternative would be those sturdy mini rubber bands ( linked in products list) unfortunately the great ones come in black. To reduce breakage, you want to take your time with them, section your hair nicely and keep it a bit loose at the root.

Section in four first, from ear to ear and then the middle of the head.To achieve the tying style at the front of our hairstyle, the front two sections, have been divided in three smaller parts each.On each section, start by securing the front two smaller parts, both are then gently and loosely tied together with the third part at the back as shown on pictures. 

I have finger coiled the hair at the front by detangling the strands first after tying the hair, again you can add water if needed. If your child hair texture is a bit coarser, you can twist the hair instead and secure the twists with mini thin elastic bobbles to allow it to last through the week.

The big two ponies at the back are tied with our jersey snag free hair bands, they are safer compared to the mini thin elastic bands due to their added body and material but it is equally important to find balance in tying hair with them.

Then I proceeded to braid the ponies and secure the end with some more mini thin hair bobbles and rolled them around to form knots.

I secured the knots with our polka dot mini flowers hair band. Very gently, meaning one or two ties around the hair, enough to keep the knots from unravelling, this is done in the purpose to easily refresh the hair if needed with less manipulation and reduce breakage while using the flower hair bands.

How To refresh

I remove the flower hair band and use it to retie the section of the knots.  I didn’t need to take the braids out, just spray water, brush up the hair strands that have curled down and loosen out of the bands and use the flower bands to gently tie the section back to give it a fresher look. Keep it gentle still, as you might have to repeat this a couple of times daily toward the end of the week. 

You will probably only need to refresh the two knots at the back, as we had to, since they are bigger sections, the front sections were fine and didn't need any refresh.

Ps: allow hair to look free, having a neat looking hairstyle all the time means pressure and manipulation, it is okay to have fly aways especially toward the end of the week, allow it, accept it, it is part of the beauty of our hair.

Water is all I have used to hydrate the hair and help refresh the hairstyles until the take down and wash day, Where I had gently and patiently removed all hair bands.

Depending on the hair texture especially with a coarser hair texture you might need less refreshment, but maybe a bit of products. 

It is great to use water, if you need add a bit of leave-in conditioner, or oil after spraying the hair with water. I would say, feel the hair and go with your gut. It is important to get to know your hair. It is okay to make mistakes but don’t give up trying.  

We are here to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions, clarifications,or suggestions. 

Until next time,

With all my love,



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