Our quick summery turquoise blue flower inspired hairstyle

This hairstyle is a quick hair up-do with minimal effort and time but with cuteness overload!

Products you will need

  1. Gel ( Asiam smoothing hair gel) (optional)
  2. water
  3. Spray water bottle
  4. Hair clips for sectioning
  5. Mini jersey flower snag free elastic hair bands ( 2 pieces)  and butterfly clip
  6. Tangle teezer brush 

This hairstyle has not been done on freshly washed hair, in fact the hair was due for a wash, but we were going somewhere and I needed something beautiful and less time consuming! If you find yourself in the same situation, this hairstyle will change from the usual puff and give it an extra oomph!

 As you can tell, this hairstyle is only two puffs, but the snake section line and hair accessories were what gave it a ‘cuteness overload’ look!

When I’m working on a hair that is due for a wash, water is my best friend. I rarely use any products. If you do have a detangle spray go ahead and use that or if not add some leave-in conditioner to your water, shake it and spray the hair before detangling it.

If you want more hold and a neater look, you can use a little bit of gel after detangling your hair for the puffs.

As for the snake section line, this is probably the second part you will focus on, create a line from the side to the middle back of the hair, as shown on photos!


Next, create your puffs and decorate with your Mayite’s turquoise blue flowers and some butterflies!

And voila, a quick and simple but outstanding hairstyle for the day! 

We are here to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions, clarifications, or suggestions. 

Until next time,

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