Living with passion, Our Story!


Our Mission and Story

It has always been a dream of mine to serve people through my passion! To share it, to allow people to enjoy it with me and it just makes me so happy seeing people also loving something that I have discovered, loved or have created with my exceptionally little fingers and busy mind.

I have always been passionate about beauty and creating anything and everything visually pleasing but most importantly useful!

After many years of crafting and discoveries I have decided to combine this passion of mine with one that I get asked about the most: Hair

Everyone wants to know how I care for my hair, how I have such beautiful hair.

I always felt helpless as I've always thought to myself : it’s all DNA.


Since I kept receiving questions, I’ve decided to pay attention and see how I can help. Then I've noticed one thing: we lose all that we aren't grateful for and especially what we don't care for! Simple as That!

I’m not excluding DNA still, but if not cared for the right way you will not enjoy the best of your hair. And who is talking about caring is talking about understanding first.

Going a little back in time, the reason why I have started wearing my natural hair more often was pure accident. I had caught chicken pox at an adult age, I just couldn't bother with my hair, I've started pouring water on my whole body many times a day from head to toes. And I was left there with hair that started to reveal their natural curls. I believe that looking at them day in and out and waking up not doing nothing to my hair just won me over. What? I could live such an easy life with my hair and have these beautiful coils? They were not perfect but they were enough!

I was accepting my hair, I started to love them, I started to learn and understand those coils, started to play with them, and found different products that could enhance 'my curls' definitions. Everyone started to look at my hair and ask questions: How?

Well you already know the answer: ‘ I guess I'm just a multi-mixed chick who caught those curly mixed DNA haiiiiiiir!

Time went by, and I was having too much fun with my hair, so at times, I had to cut them off with consistent trims, start over sometimes and I even ended up not having much choice but to care for my hair myself most of the time or should I say all the time ( one income family struggles). But by doing so I thought, this is an opportunity to try to help with questions I was receiving.

I've learned that hair care problems reduce our self esteem and quality of life, that it is connected to our wellbeing and our value in society. I've learned that short hair management is definitely different and easier than long hair management, and that the lack of knowledge on our hair type and their porosity can frustrate us and could let us waste a lot of money on products. I've learned about texture....that texture I have noticed is what kills a lot of people especially if you are going to get into a little coarser hair texture than what I have. And unfortunately I personally don't have a very coarse hair texture, I believe I have a 4a to be exact, but I have learned so much more to know that we do have similar rules, just not same challenges, but those challenges are sisters, you know what I mean?

So here I am after years of researching, trials and errors and learning ( still doing all these) I am daring to encourage someone to love on their natural hair texture the same way I have accepted mine, help you understand  and have fun with your hair, it’s Hair, I believe we are meant to have fun with it obviously the right way, and also create products that could help you in the process.

I know I have encouraged and helped some people without even realising, so I'm thankful for those that have brought those feedbacks to me. 

Voila...I'm ready to serve! Bring it on!

Inspiration behind Our very first Collection

Obviously, my first products are made for kids. I have been blessed with a girl who I have cried and prayed for! Actually she is my second, I've lost my first baby girl so you understand the crying part...It didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl though, but I’m so thankful for her life, she inspires me so much, she literally heals me. Therefore, I’m dedicating this first collection to all the amazing baby girls out there, especially the rainbow baby girls. They are the queens of tomorrow, they deserve to learn to love and embrace their natural hair from a younger age, and never question the beauty of it. 

I did not include all the colours of the rainbow as I was planning to, but I did some work towards that side in mixing every kind of fabrics, patterns, and colours and by doing so I’m proposing a variety of products for a first collection.

Last but not least ,one of the reasons why I've combined it with flowers is that first of all, I love flowers, but I have pictured our girls’ beautiful sky hair with flowers and colourful butterflies hanging around and I just knew I had to incorporate my love for flowers.

I can talk about this first collection all day but I will cut it short by mentioning that although it is handmade (every single petals cut one by one to create flowers) I have made sure to include that "solid" and "long lasting" feature we all look for in natural hair accessories as well as value for our consumers. Moreover, involving passion into the core of our creations is enabling us to be part of the slow movement by producing in limited quantities for demands and reduce waste.

All pieces are not 100% safe for your child’s hair, but most are safe when handled carefully, therefore a lot of research and thought went into it and ways to minimise breakage will be communicated to you through our inspirational blogspots, and some more!

This been said, we have tested our products over months and all that I can add is that they have been made with love, I've paid attention to details and we are offering something thought out, out of the box, unique and beautiful and we hope that they will be dearly helpful in enhancing the beauty of their owner, and cared for enough to help them serve their purposes.

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Until next time, 

with all my love,